Take a Piece of Sloppy Duck Home with You!
Sloppy Duck Cocktail Shakers

Get your favorite drinkin our 16oz keepsake Cocktail Shaker
$15.00 With Drink
$10.00 Without

Sloppy Duck Sak Pak

Sloppy Duck Sak Pak

Ducky Bubbles

Ducky Bubbles

Sloppy Duck T-Shirts

Duck Feet T-Shirts

Get a Boat!

After a great night out dining and dancing at The Sloppy Duck, just picture yourself walking to your boat for a wonderful night’s sleep along the bay! Get a boat and make it a reality! Slips are available for the 2022 boating season at Erie’s TOP Marinas.

Perry’s Landing Marina
Sun Life Marina

For information and tour scheduling, contact Heidi.

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